About The Stage Africa Academy for Arts & Production

The Stage Africa Academy for Arts & Production (TSAAAP) was established as an arm of The Stage Africa Foundation in partnership with GallantTV charged with the responsibility to frontier quality and affordable education and career opportunities for young Africans in Television and film production, with the sole purpose of combating the increasing rate of youth unemployment in Africa. TSAAAP serves as one of the tools of The Stage Africa Foundation to achieve its ROLLBACK UNEMPLOYMENT CAMPAIGN goals and ambitions.

Why The Stage Africa Academy for Arts & Services?

At The Stage Africa Academy for Arts & Production (TSAAAP) we offer an intensive, hands-on, total immersion approach to learning, no previous experience is required, because we believe “it’s an ability in every man to learn any skill he is willing to when subjected to the right learning environment.” We have: 

  • Short Term Programs
  • Long Term Programs
  • Weekend Programs

We achieve this by subjecting our student to a rigorous schedule of classroom lectures, hands- on workshops & immediate experience. Our philosophy is that “practice makes perfect”, and so from the first week of each program our students are introduced to practical; they start to write, shoot, direct, and edit their own television and film contents. We allow them make trials and errors, make mistakes and correct them, ask questions and get answers; for us, that’s the only way to spell success! 

What makes us different?

  1. Our intensive & practical approach to our programs
  2. Learning by doing
  3. Conducive learning environment
  4. Access to a wide range of professional film equipment
  5. Access to A-list actors & Film industry practitioners around the world as mentors
  6. Flexible program options
  7. On-the-job training (Earn paid roles on our film productions)
  8. Alumni production funding

These and more are a few of the many things that make TSAAAP unique.

We offer professional training in Television Production, Acting and film-making, ranging from short courses of only a few days or weeks, to 3 months certificate, and 6months certification programs.

Courses we offer include:

Television Broadcasting | News Writing & Presentation | Film Making | Acting | Scrip Writing | Directing | Producing | Cinematography & Videography | Video Editing | Photography | 3D Animation | Visual Effects | Lighting | Sound Design & Management | Music Video | Set Design | Production Proposal Writing | Television Media Management | Graphic Designs | Web Design | Social Media & Mobile Marketing

We achieve optimum results through a combination of rigorous classroom lectures, hands-on workshops and immediate experience. From the first day our students starts to write short and direct their own films. We also offer special training services for Educational Institutions, Corporate Organizations, Studios, Media and Drama Groups, churches and individual Stand alone services.

Whatever your film and media training needs The Stage Africa Academy for Arts & Production will provide you with perfect solutions.

Enroll Now!

Whether you’re interested in television production or filmmaking or computer animation, mastering the art of video production or the business of the entertainment industry, we’re here to make your transition into your desired certificate program as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Nonrefundable Application Fee N2,500

Fill out the application form to get started on the path toward realizing your dream career in Television and Film Production


All The Stage Africa Academy for Arts & Production courses employ the mentor apprentice (extern) method of learning in one-on-one, hands-on sessions with a working professional filmmaker proficient in your field of study. This allows you to learn at your own pace, in real world, practical application situations, and focus on particular areas of interest to you.

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