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The Stage Africa Academy for Arts & Production (TSAAAP) was established as an arm of The Stage Africa Foundation in partnership with GallantTV charged with the responsibility to frontier quality and affordable education and career opportunities for young Africans in Television and film production, with the sole purpose of combating the increasing rate of youth unemployment in Africa. TSAAAP serves as one of the tools of The Stage Africa Foundation to achieve its ROLLBACK UNEMPLOYMENT CAMPAIGN goals and ambitions.

Hands On Training

At The Stage Africa Academy for Arts &
Production (TSAAAP)
we offer an intensive, hands-on, total immersion approach to learning, no previous experience is required, because we believe “it’s an ability in every man to learn any skill he is willing to when subjected to the right learning environment.” We have: 

·        Short Term Programs

·        Long Term Programs


Weekend Programs

Hands On Pratical

We achieve this by subjecting our student to a rigorous schedule of classroom lectures, hands- on workshops & immediate experience. Our philosophy is that “practice makes perfect”, and so from the first week of each program our students are introduced to practical; they start to write, shoot, direct, and edit their own television and film contents. We allow them make trials and errors, make mistakes and correct them, ask questions and get answers; for us, that’s the only way to spell success!


"Our Vision is to Raise the Economic Advantages of Young Africans in the Global Television and Film Production Space."
"Our Mission Is to establish a World class Television and Film Academy with a Studio in Africa, that will empower creative and passionate young Africans to create sustainable economic opportunities for themselves, while promoting Africa’s unique stories through global screen perspective and excellence to the international community."
The Stage Africa Academy
For Arts & Production

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