Odunayo Eweniyi graduated with a first class in Computer Engineering but was unable to land a job due to the biting unemployment problem in Nigeria. She hooked up with ex-coursemates to launch businesses and after two failed attempts, they launched a platform that has helped Nigerians save up to USD 15 Mn. But that was after they had to shut it down twice. This platform is known as Piggyvest (also known as PiggyBank.ng). Piggyvest has since grown into a million-dollar companyThe platform became a microfinance partner of the financial institution (United Bank for Africa) and launched a SafeLock feature which allows users to stash an amount of money for a specific period of time without having any access to it until that time is up. Users are also able to earn interest upfront. The business has since won a number of awards including the 2018 Future Awards Africa Prize in Technology, Business Day Top 100 SMEs, and the 2017 Village Capital Fintech. On her part, Eweniyi was part of the World Women in FinTech Power list for 2017 and the yNaija Most Influential People in Technology in 2017 and 2018. Early this year, she earned a spot on Forbes’ list of 20 New Wealth Creators On The African Continent, gaining recognition as a creator of one of the “Businesses Of The Future.” The last six years have undoubtedly been a rollercoaster but Eweniyi’s story exemplifies the remarkable things that can happen when one takes the initiative amidst so many disappointments and remains resilient in spite of setbacks.


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