THE STAGE AFRICA FOUNDATION is a Pan-African Transformation Group because we believe that the fate of all African people and nations are intertwined, and share not merely a common history, but a common destiny – God’s Destiny for our People. Our programs, services and community aim to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity among all people of African descent as we seek the common transformation of both the mind and environment of all Africans.

A statement issued by the American government revealed that Africa is more important than ever to the security and prosperity of the international community and to the United States in particular. The US government also believes in Africa as a region of growing opportunities and promise for Africa, for America and for other continents of the world. Truly, Africa has the potential to become the next major economic success story because Africa’s economies are among the fastest growing economies in the world, with technological change sweeping across the continent and offering tremendous opportunities in the different sectors of Africa society.

But amidst all these speculations, the most important question still remains: Is African institutions and its burgeoning population of youths and women aware of these untapped opportunities and prepared to turn them into economic success stories? Of a truth, Africa is faced with lots of political, economic, educational and civic challenges that might challenge its rising in the scheme of Global success news. For Africa to achieve success, these challenges need to be identified and tackled. And addressing the opportunities and challenges in Africa requires comprehensive programs, policies and partnerships that are proactive, forward looking and action oriented.

The Stage Africa for this purpose is designed to serve as a global community and platform where great thinkers and achievers in Africa and across the world interconnect to partner and share ideas with the civil society, government, and institutions in Africa in other to:

(1) Strengthen democratic institutions;

(2) Spur economic growth, innovation and productivity;

(3) Advance peace and security and;

(4) Promote quality education opportunity and development.

Why The Stage Africa

The word S.T.A.G.E is a combination of words which stands for (S)-SMART (T)-THINKERS FOR (A)-AFRICA’S (G)-GROWTH & (E)-EMANCIPATION. The acronym reveals the true spirit of The Stage Africa as a platform that brings together exceptional thinkers anywhere in the world with breakthrough ideas and projects to connect with African community to share ideas, innovations and breakthrough keys for Africa’s growth and liberation. To that effect, this platform is committed to connecting Africa to global ideas and trends that will contribute to sustainable growth & development.

The community also brings together leading experts in government, economy and academia in Africa and in the international community who constantly provide the highest quality research, policy recommendations, and analysis on a full range of issues in Africa basically focused on the following pillars of social development: (1) Governance, (2) Economy and (3) Education.

The Stage Africa Foundation then presents such research recommendations from the experts to government, economist, educationists and the general public through TV talk programs, conferences, publications, debates etc. Whereby we have the capacity and resources, we partner with government, private companies and international communities to implement such research recommended that seems vital especially when they concern the development of youths and women in Africa.

Our Vision & Mission


Setting a Leading Pace for National Transformation and Sustainable Development in African Nations.


To Become a Leading Global Community and Think Tank in Africa Devoted to High Quality, Innovative and Practical Ideas and Solutions dedicated to addressing Problems Facing the African Society at the Local, National, and Global Level.

Our Vision & Mission

1. Love
2. People First
3. Synergy
4. Leadership
5. Innovation
6. Excellence
7. Knowledge
8. Integrity Service


Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

As an African based non-profit foundation, we have an important role to play in improving democratic institutions, economic productivity & education output of African nations through the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with partnership that develop and promote programs that are focused mainly on the economic well-being and development of the African community especially youth and women.

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