With more than 300 attendees, Africa’s brightest young political and business leaders will converge at this epoch-making event to provide insight into the economic and political landscape of the continent, the 2018 Young CEOs business summit Atlanta, will served as the greatest gathering of Young change- MAKERs from Africa, Europe, Asia and America.

Imagine engaging panel discussions, compelling content delivery, keynote presentations, one-on-one with big-time investors, an impactful moment of networking, award dinner and more all at once.

Leveraging off the success of YCBF Summits in Dubai, Accra, Lagos, London, Dusseldorf, we’re once again gathering the African Young CEOs of major companies, venture capitalists, and some select technology company CEOs, Diplomats, Government institutions, emerging political leaders—this time in Atlanta, Georgia USA—for an earnest discussion of how their contributions are shifting the-ever evolving African business and political ecosystem.


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A Unique Networking Platform

Through our engaging panel discussions, keynote presentations, working groups, bespoke meetings, business exchange, exhibitions and networking cocktails, the YCBS Atlanta Georgia 2018 provides you with the perfect opportunity to share your experiences, forge successful business relationships, and engage with leading international experts on the strategies and practices needed to develop sustainable and profitable business with Africa.

The YCBS Atlanta Georgia 2018 will offer tailor made sessions grouped to fit the following sectors; ICT, AGRICULTURE, REAL ESTATE & CONSTRUCTION, ENTERTAINMENT & TOURISM, RETAIL & E-COMMERCE, INNOVATIVE INVENTIONS, RENEWABLE ENERGY, CREATIVE INDUSTRY & EDUCATION. These theme-based sessions will focus on the strategic priorities of Africa’s business and economic realities so as to play key role in empowering our SMEs and young business leaders with innovative skills that will help shape the SME sector in Africa. The Summit gives you all the tools and practical resources you need to keep abreast of the latest trends in your sector, make your business even more competitive, and help it to expand into new markets in Africa and the United States.

The YCBS Atlanta Georgia 2018 is committed to promoting trade between Africa and the rest of the world and offers you a unique opportunity to share in the experience of very high-profile panel contributors, lead & Keynote Speakers on groundbreaking business and political issues concerning the African continent.


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Summit features include:

  1. Networking Session/Breakfast Meeting
  2. Sector by sector specialized Business Strategy sessions
  3. Key Note Presentations
  4. Panel Discussions
  5. Special presentations; business and services
  6. Inspire: Expert Panel Q&A Sessions
  7. Exclusive Dinner – CEO’s Global Awards
  8. Exhibition

Objectives of Summit

  1. To provide a strategic platform for international trade & business partnerships between blue-chips and MSMEs through business to business (B2B) matchmaking.
  2. To enhance critical understanding of current economic trends & challenges facing trade between Africa and the United States of America, while proffering solution that could strengthen business ties.
  3. To bring diverse group of leading experts provide insights on areas including emerging markets, geopolitical trends and key investment opportunities in Africa.
  4. To provide a Unique networking opportunity and platform for senior investment professionals, Serial entrepreneurs, blue chip companies, SMEs and government agencies who are interested in exploring business opportunities between Africa and the United States of America.
  5. To provide a credible avenue for mutually beneficial business relationship between African Young entrepreneurs and U.S investors and companies.


If you consider yourself part of the future of the African continent either as a business or political leader of African origin, multinationals with interest in Africa, trade partners, emerging political and business leaders in Diaspora, then this is a MUST attend event for YOU.

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Who Should Attend?

  1. Chairman & Vice Presidents
  2. Board Members
  3. Government Regulators/Agencies
  4. Managing Partners
  5. Business owners
  6. Founders & Principal Partners
  7. Innovators
  8. CEOs of Blue-chip & SMEs
  9. Trade Departments
  10. Chambers of commerce’s
  11. Diplomats
  12. Development partners
  13. Financial institutions
  14. The media
  15. Development partners
  16. Venture Capitalists


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Why Attend The YCBS Atlanta Georgia 2018?

Hear a diverse group of leading experts provide insights on areas including emerging markets, geopolitical trends and key investment opportunities in USA and Africa’s private sector.

  1. Get the unique opportunity to network with senior investment professionals from around the world.
  2. Engage with Serial Entrepreneurs, Government Policy Makers, & investment Strategists
  3. Discover the new social media tools every CEO/Founders require to engage in this competitive business world.
  4. Expose your Company/products to strategic audience and gain massive media mileage
  5. Find new financial partners -Discover how to grow your new start-up business, expand an already existing brand into new markets and get partners to scale your business
  6. Be part of growth Partners of Africa and USA by supporting the SME sector

The CEO’s Global AWARDS 2018

The CEO’s Global AWARDS rewards Young CEOs, Govt Agencies, companies and investors whose strategies are proof of their absolute resolve to play a part in Africa’s growth. The CEO’s Global AWARDS 2018 will be presented at a high-level, exclusive session during the YCBS Atlanta Georgia 2018 dinner. Since 2014, the YCBF have rewarded CEOs, Companies and Investors whose strategies highlight their intention to play their part in the growth of the SMEs sector from across the globe. All the nominees are promoters of ambitious projects that are encouraging the emergence of competitive African, Europe, Middle East and USA companies, and are selected for their commitment and results in 5 key categories:

  1. Promotion of private sector
  2. Strengthening of regional integration
  3. Development of intra and inter Global business exchange
  4. Social and environmental responsibility
  5. Rare innovation & creativity

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