The goal of THE STAGE AFRICA LEADERSHIP NETWORK is to help each individual in the network “Discover & Engage their Spheres of Influence for National Transformation.” The network works with a network model for leadership development called The Leadership of 12. This model raises one leader in a sphere, who in turn raises 12 leaders in the same sphere – the flowchart continues.
The world today, most especially Africa is facing five main problem areas that The Stage Africa Leadership Network training programs promises to address more effectively:

1) The degradation of the human soul and lack of understanding of man’s purpose and leadership responsibilities,
2) Ignorance, error and superstitious belief,
3) Corruption in leadership and public service areas and poverty,
4) Injustice and tyranny,
5) Disease and division.

The Stage Africa Leadership Network is raising and equipping change agents to end poverty, ignorance and injustice in their communities, their countries and Africa. Through scholarly and practical research, practice driven mentorship and training programs, as well as collaborative institutional partnerships, The Stage Africa Leadership Network is building leadership for National Transformation and sustainable development in Africa.


  • Recruit members and provide general leadership development programs for members.
  • Identify and provide advanced training for 5 Gates Leaders. Five Gates Leaders includes leadership in Government, Business, Education, Arts/Entertainment and Media. We excluded Family and Religion because everyone belongs to a religion or family.
  • Connect and Synergize trained 5 Gates Leaders into networked teams.
  • Develop and execute long-term strategic 5 Gates transformation action plans (includes credentials and placement).
  • Develop funding for 5 Gates leaders, institutions and projects.


We emphasize through in-depth teaching the core purpose, principles and best-practices that transform cultures and societies. Using a leadership mentorship network style (The Leadership of 12); we maintain contact with leaders, helping them unite as a team with a long-term strategic plan that truly will transform their city and Nation. We have discovered that when people develop a long-term plan and synergies to work as a team on those goals, then nations will really see major impact. It may not show up in the next election, but it will show up within several years and certainly in the next generation.

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