The rate of unemployment and poverty in Africa is drastically increasing. In Nigeria alone, over 40Million youths between the age of 15 and 25 years are unemployed. In Africa, more than 200Million youths are unemployed. Over 50% of graduates leave school without a job placement.  This is happening in a continent with overwhelming economic opportunities. Everywhere on the street of cities in Africa are numerous opportunities yet untapped.

How about a program that uncovers these economic opportunities and connect with investors abroad and at home to bid for turns of investment in the best and most innovative business ideas from the brightest Nigerian entrepreneurs and minds and build those business ideas into Global Brands? Such a program can create massive lasting economic growth and generate millions of jobs by raising next generation multinational companies with huge substantial share of the global market. This is the goal of NIGERIA GOT IDEAS – Biggest National Economic Development Reality TV Show ever created in Africa.

NIGERIA GOT IDEAS is an intergenerational quest to inspire a great Nigeria and Africa through raising next generation indigenous global business Brands with high competitive potential for the future global market and that can create massive wealth and job opportunities in Nigeria and other African countries. As a multifaceted entrepreneurship education, empowerment and entertainment Reality TV Show, the program will connect with young innovative entrepreneurs and MSMEs with original business concepts and exceptional drive.


Participants of this reality TV Show will be competing for serious business investment deals, advice and support from five (5) tough, self made billionaire tycoons or venture capitalist either from home or abroad who search to invest in the best business ideas and products that Nigerian MSME entrepreneurs and innovators have to offer who on this show are called ANGELS or ANGEL INVESTORS. The show will give startups and people from all works of life the chance to chase their dreams and potentially secure business deals or capital grants that could make them millionaires and CEOs of potential multinational businesses that can create massive job opportunities in Africa.

Contestants are either product designers or service providers who have what they consider to be a viable potentially profitable business idea or product, but lack funding and direction to start or expand. Winners won’t get a new car or a trip to Dubai, but they will get their dream operations off the ground with, in some cases, eight-figure investment deals or over 9,000USD in capital grants. The show is designed in such a way that up to 100 business ideas or products could win investment deals or capital grants unlike other reality TV shows that end with only 1winner or 3winners.

Format Overview

NIGERIA GOT IDEAS is a weekly reality TV show that has two sides to it, first The Investor’s Pitch Show which will air Friday and Saturday evenings for 1hr and secondly, The Business Grant Championship Show which will air on Sunday evenings for 1hr 30mins with a Live Audience. The Investor’s PITCH Show will only feature a panel of five (5) Angel Investors and the 200 contestants appearing before them one after the other in a PITCH ROOM while the Business Grant Championship Show will feature a live audience of about 500-1000 with an on-Camera Presenter (Host). The show is designed this way so that contestants can have two great chances to be a winning business. 54 Contestants out of the 200 contestants who successfully entered the show and PITCHED their ideas to the Angel Investors but couldn’t secure successful investment deals with them have the opportunity to compete for business grant support of N3Million (about 9000USD) in The Business Grant Championship Show, though by the approval of the Angel Investors.


In the Business Grant Championship Show, the 54 contestant who received the approval of the Angel Investors to participate in the championship will be divided into groups of 3members. Every Sunday, The Business Grant Championship Show will host each group to compete for the support of millions of TV viewers to vote for them to receive grant support of N3Million for their business ideas and the contestant in a group who got the highest votes from viewers in 5days will win the grant support which will be announced and awarded the next Sunday show before the next group competition begins.

Contestants enter NIGERIA GOT IDEAS by completing and submitting an Online Business Application Form and attending our 3-Days Casting Call Business Bootcamp where they will be all trained by SMEDAN and their partners and to PITCH their business ideas to our Vetting Teams of Business Development Experts. All business ideas will be carefully appraised by the Vetting Team and the top two hundred (200) ideas will be selected to officially enter the competition where there will be eliminations based on how well each contestant’s business PITCH won the heart of the Angel investors or TV viewers on the other hand.

But before the show’s studio production, the 200 contestants who successfully made it through all the business vetting and screening processes will be put inside a dormitory-style accommodation for Post-Show Production marathon training exercise for a period of 5 days, the exercise is called Nigeria Got Ideas MDBC Academy. The Academy will emphasize the creative business talent of the contestants, (called “Startups” on the show) who will be encouraged to write their own business plans and pitches as well as develop their PITCH presentation techniques and investment bidding skills which are going to form the important factors of the contestant’s appearance on the Reality TV show.

The show will air on national TV platforms for full season of Eighteen (18) episodes or weeks spread across 4months and 2weeks. After the full air broadcast of the show, all the contestants who either won investments deals or capital grants will automatically become startup members of Nigeria Got Ideas MDBC Program, a program designed by The Stage Africa Foundation and its partners to continue the mentorship of winners of Nigeria Got ideas and to follow-up on the project’s impact, its sustainability and improvement in Nigeria.

MDBC is a short for Multimillion Dollar Business Club Africa. The club which will operate as a limited liability venture of The Stage Africa Foundation, will continue to research and create opportunities for mentoring all startups and businesses funded by Nigeria Got Ideas and its equivalent projects in other Africa countries, as the project has been designed to run annually with a five years goal “to raise over 2000 indigenous businesses that has the capacity to create more than 1,000,000 jobs in the next 5 years, with strong potential to compete in the future global market.” The club will continue to provide services like business consultation, customer service training, online global marketing, sales and promotion platform, local/foreign investment lobbying e.t.c to members. Through MDBC program, we will ensure that investors and sponsors of our business reality TV shows like Nigeria Got Ideas gets full returns on their investments in the long run.

This way, the show will represent a new movement of entrepreneurs and MSMEs working together to improve Africa from the bottom up, one country at a time. Beyond game and entertainment, NIGERIA GOT IDEAS is conceived as a National Economic Development Project.



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